XO JAM COGNAC 2018 Hey Louise ! by Wim De Vos

The legend that is Wim de Vos at XO JAM COGNAC 2018 playing Hey Louise. Blow Wim Blow!

Hoochie Coochie Man

Here is a playlist featuring videos from the XO Cognac Blues Jam over the last few years. Enjoy!

XO Jam Cognac

Just playing the blues - regular house band members laying down a grooving shuffle.

XO JAM COGNAC 2017 Stijn sings in E minor ....

Cool slow minor blues.

XO JAM 2017 COGNAC Shuffle blues with Michel + René introduces

Shuffle Blues with Michel

XO JAM COGNAC 2017 Ain't no sunshine by Hans...

Hans letting us know There Ain't No Sunshine

XO JAM COGNAC 2017 Don't you know that I love you by Wim

Wim says Don't You Know That I love You? Thank you Wim...and Chris , Bruno, Elias, Stijn and Jan !

Baby what do you want me to do

Baby, What you want me to do? Thanks to Hemalata, Johan, Rob, Philippe and René .

Jean from Mississippi

Jean from Mississippi

Hoochie Coochie Man

Michel giving us his Hoochie Coochie man, with Jean Claude , Ray , Paul and René.