John & Sandi's Story

We were told about the XO Cognac Jam Sessions by our friends Pat & Stuart Tizzard who own a property outside Cognac. John and Stuart often play together back in Penzance, Cornwall and share a deep love of the Blues.  Stuart and Pat have taken part for over a decade and are a fixture of the blues scene in and around Cognac.

John: "At home in Penzance Stuart told me a magical tale of how a disparate bunch of Dutchmen, Belgians and Engishmen had started playing blues on the street outside the Café du Canton during the Cognac Blues Passions Festival in 1999.  Over the years it acquired a stage, a professional sound engineer and a dedicated international following of blues lovers. It sounded irresistable, so in 2017 we went. It was wonderful.  Such fun and such lovely people!"

Thank you Stuart and Pat for encouraging us to come.  And thank you to Henri, René, Bruno, Michelle and all the other organisers and regulars who put so much love and energy into the sessions.   

2020 Update.  We loved the area so much we became Brexit Refugees and moved to Charente-Maritime before 'Brexaster' made it too difficult.   Now we don't have so far to travel to enjoy the music!